Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abandoned structures - personal exhibition at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Galerie

…Lately, during my relentless attempts to give shape to all those structures that constantly haunt me, I find myself feeling bored – or maybe tired – most likely due to a strong sensation of helplessness. A lot of these structures I’ve already begun working on were supposed to be part of my previous project, with its fragile, breakable, annoying or slightly sectioned structures… but I just can’t get rid of this frustrating feeling that a farce is being played on me. And then, I give up – suddenly, I lose interest, I run out of resources and I get sick of it all. I’m pretty sure you all know the feeling. Or, as so many of these structures have already been drawn in great detail in my mind, pasting them into the real world would almost seem futile now. (Nowadays, I’ve become more and more preoccupied with a certain state of patience, with rendering a motion so slow, it almost escapes our senses).
Therefore, I give up; my structures end here. Even though it wasn’t planned, these Three Bright Unfinished Drawings will mark this moment of abandonment. I’m not going to finish them anymore, since they’ve already been taken so far in my mind. It seems that I’m no better than any of my fragile and helpless structures.

opening: 03.05.2012 7pm

duration: 04-26.05.2012

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